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In 1997, absolutelypassionate was born out of the desire to help the Children of Asia and to honor the Elderly.


The 21st century lifestyle, keeps all us busy with little time to give back to society.  The many demands of work, business and family fill our days.




They embody our hopes and dreams, they are the shining light to build an even better world for themselves and for us.


We need to nurture their talent, expand the boundaries of their capabilities and imagination.

Children are our Future

The Elderly are our Heroes who helped build the world we live in, we need to support them in their golden years, we need to honor them for they have bestowed us with quality of life.

We need to make a conscientious effort to give back to society whenever we can.

Society talks about ‘pay forward’, we would prefer to think of it as ‘give forward’; give your time, give your efforts, give your monies, give your talent.  Walk with us on the path to do what is right for our Children and our Elderly.

If you are ready to give forward, please email us at; enquiry@absolutelypassionate.org